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Detractors, delays and near deaths.. [Sep. 9th, 2005|01:59 am]


The following has been lifted directly from the official GP-O site as posted by the PTV3 webpeople:

As to the fopi site. We all in PTV3 remain puzzled that there are no interviews with current active members of the band or Gen. It seems odd, though there must be a good reason, that only people who have left PTV or been asked to leave get interviewed. Not because that necessarily invalidates their opinions or interpretations but because there is more chance of the answers being coloured by bitterness or even anger. Frustration and disappointment.

We would like to see interviews with ACTIVE current PTV3 members, explaining WHY they emjoy being in PTV, why they chose to join despite the supposed ruthlessness and manipulations of Gen. How it feels being in PTV and what THEIR personal ideas and perspectives are on Life creativity and meaning.

Also, news on the delayed releases and GP-O's health:

GENESIS has been very seriously ill. It turns out that all through the PTV3 detour, and the TG reunion gigs s/he had walking pneumonia. This became so severe in Turin that s/he had to visit the emergency room at the hospital for treatment just to be able to play.

The doctors in New York said it is a miracle s/he didn't die. During routine tests xrays revealed what was initially thought to be lung cancer...fortunately it is NOT. But cat scans, echo cardiograms and other deep testing have shown sever lung damage and the pneumonia is still active.

As a result GEN is ordered to rest and undergo medical treatments to try and regain as much health as possible.

For 2-3 weeks we really were concerned for gen's life. Our apologies for being distracted as an extended family. But we hope those of you who really care, rather than casual or flippant visitors ( always also welcome) will understand our being distracted.

The good news is that the PTV3 album is recorded apart from some samples and overdubs by Lady Jaye and the others.

Larry Thrasher will be mixing the album in California.

It includes a mixture of old and new songs.

TG have almost completed the new studio album, basically Gen's health has delayed all projects to varying degrees. S/he apologises to you all. It is typical that s/he feels such a sense of duty to the art and music. The doctors have said, and we agree, that it is time for Gen to focus on being well and taking care of her SELF instead of trying to do more and more creative work.

As soon as the site is functioning properly we will assist Gen in catching up on some of the events that have gone on.

[User Picture]From: 93
2006-02-24 05:00 am (UTC)
alls well thats in well
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