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There is a new Psychic Tv album available.

Please purchase it from the website or at your local record store and enjoy your life in ways never dreamed of before.

Thank You!

Thought some of you might be interested...

I hope this isn't in bad taste or anything like that, but I am getting rid of most of my earthly possessions and thought some of you might be interested in benefiting from this. Check out seller Bowzerbullet on Ebay for a list of rare and out of print books. The money isn't so much of an issue as I have no reserve and am starting all the bids at a dollar. Thanks and hope this helps out some one.
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its something else now
lost and frowned
i cant seem to find my friends anywhere?
who the fuck was in my room last night?
who the hell was in my head???
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Eye have been recording music with S.Blackwell
and Karim Ortega in Tulsa and we have completed thee recording ov two (2)
songs and are working have begun working on a track for thee girls 2 (to)
sing on thee synths and drums have been recorded, as well as thee guitars and bass
now all that is left is divinig lyrics and harmonies for thee ladies to sing and record them.

Tonight is picture night our first premonitional shots will be taken tonight and maybe we will find soumthing interesting out in thee world to bring into thee fold
hopefully . . .

thats all four Now
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Raver = Love
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For all Information go directly to: http://throbbing-gristle.com/

This is probably the LAST and ONLY time you will be able to see Throbbing Gristle live!!!

This will be held in England. It is a big trip for some people but worth it!!!

It will be held over a whole weekend in May of 2004. THREE nights of spectacular entertainment and a place to stay too. Coil, Thee Majesty, Throbbing Gristle and MANY others!!!

Check out the site. It is all worth the effort.

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"skot diablo" <vicious_hell_bastards@hotmail.com>

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vaya con diablo cabrone

Date :
Tue, 24 Jun 2003 15:35:21 -0500

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thats cool. I am sure billy has no problem with you booking like a mad man. do you guys have your own transportation? because the tour heads back and ends on the east coast after we have been on the west. I have a few more dates to confirm here in the mid west and that will be a good dent in some of the mid west dates. i will let everyone know once they are all confirmed. talk to you soon


Skot Diablo

Diablo Syndrome
>From: "Jason D"
>To: vicious_hell_bastards@hotmail.com
>Subject: bueno diable
>Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 19:22:48 +0000
>we will do as many dates as possible after tulsa as many as i can
>get booked or help out with in any way wed like to go on thee whole
>tour after tulsa so yeah man my computer has been destroyed for a
>few days im using a new one now i really want to play in portland
>and las vegas . . .
>>From: "skot diablo"
>>To: digitalenvelope@hotmail.com
>>Subject: Re: DIABLO VOODOU SHOWS / / /
>>Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 18:13:57 -0500