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Yes! [Jul. 24th, 2007|11:37 am]


There is a new Psychic Tv album available.

Please purchase it from the website or at your local record store and enjoy your life in ways never dreamed of before.

Thank You!

[User Picture]From: televiser
2007-08-04 01:50 am (UTC)
Many of the reviews are saying this new album is a little "all over the place," regarding the genre-hopping from song to song. Have these critics ever heard a psychic tv release that doesn't included a wide variety of musical influences? I'm not familiar with (m)any that don't. I happen to think it touches on many of the styles that Ptv have adapted over the years.. a lil bit of the techno/sample era, a lil Godstar psychedelica, etc. Your feelings?
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From: motherhalo
2007-11-08 01:09 am (UTC)


Dear TV, I feel good about the whole affair, the album, the tour, the reviews. The fact that these reviews exist is enough of a reason to laugh out loud in appreciation! I think there might even be a good one out there, somewhere . . . In these peculiar times, when music that matters is suspiciously absent from the telewaves, it is important to recognize something special when it is found. That is what I hope the world realizes on a microcosmic scale at least, and I think they do! Cheers for all!
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[User Picture]From: televiser
2007-11-08 03:20 am (UTC)

emote here

Join liars_den.

Please, join.
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